Kevin grew up where we currently live in NorCal. And, interestingly enough, the fixer house we purchased is actually the house next to Kevin’s childhood home. Kevin is the youngest of three kids, and has one sister and one brother. Oh, and he has pretty awesome parents that taught him hard work, service, love, and fun.

Kevin grew up playing in the country (just outside the front door), loving to read, and playing little league. He grew up attending a combined K-8 school just down the street from his house. When he got to high school he still loved baseball, took up wrestling, learned the guitar to impress all the ladies, and totally loved metal shop and welding. In fact, as he likes to point out, he was the top welder at his high school, and is *still* on the welding wall of fame.

Kevin decided to go to the “bigger” high school in town so he could take AP classes. (And bigger is in quotation marks because it depends on the comparison. His graduating class consisted of about 150 kids. So, you decide if that’s a big high school or not.) He is super smart and can remember the silliest things, especially things that Natalie can’t remember to save her soul (AKA humanities and music theory). After graduating, he went to Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah for his first year of college and then took a two-year break so he could serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Concepcion, Chile. He has some pretty awesome stories from his mission that range from having cool companions to baptizing some pretty stellar folks. After his mission Kevin went back to BYU to finish up his degree in Chemical Engineering and met Natalie a few semesters before graduating.

In the words of Natalie, “Kevin’s pretty much the best. He’s super nice, awfully considerate, and he always puts others first. He works really hard and is smart and handy and resourceful. He’s my rock, and he makes everything better. Oh, and he has the greatest beard this side of the Mississippi.” Natalie also likes to think that Kevin is part Ron Swanson (Parks & Rec) part Mike Baxter (Last Man Standing) and part Jim Hopper (Stranger Things). The biggest underlying features of each of these characters are that they are 100% dedicated to their family, are extremely honest, and will do almost anything to help someone out—all while staying true to their beliefs.