Scout is our Golden Retriever, and we think she’s the best! We had a hard time deciding whether we wanted a Golden or a German Shepherd, but quickly made up our minds once we met Scout. We got her as a seven-month-old puppy about three years ago and she’s been our best bud ever since. She is pretty goofy, loves to sleep, is a bit of a scaredy cat, and can shred any toy within minutes. Natalie likes to try to take pictures of her, but we’re pretty sure she hates the camera and will only look at a camera if there’s food involved. (Her puppy-dog eyes are pretty epic any time she sees or smells food!) Kevin is her best friend and she will do anything to get to hang with him. She shakes her tail like crazy when she is excited, and knows some pretty neat tricks (except for “play dead” because she has too much energy to pause for that trick). She is a great road trip companion and fits right in with our family.