You know that scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off where a student is explaining why Ferris isn’t at school, and she explains who told her Ferris was sick? (If not, here’s a link. It’s pretty hilarious.) Well, it’s kind of the same for us. Natalie’s sister’s husband’s brother was Kevin’s college roommate. After what seemed like a million bearable but not ideal blind dates, Kevin randomly asked his roommate if there was anyone he knew that he could go on a date with, and his roommate thought of Natalie. (There’s a few more details, but that’s the gist of it.) Anyways, needless to say, it was a blind date, and we’ve been together ever since.

We had a pretty tight timeline after we met. We had our first date in March, and then we blinked and it was summer break. Kevin scored a summer internship back in Northern California, so we did the long-distance thing for those few months. Looking back, it was a neat experience to be able to find ways to stay close even though we were a few states apart. We got engaged in August while Kevin was in Utah visiting Natalie for the weekend. Kevin went back to Utah for his last semester of school, and actually worked it out with his professors to finish mid-semester. Kevin went back to California to start work at the end of October, so we did long distance again until we got married over Christmas break. Kevin moved Natalie out to Northern California, and we’ve been here ever since.


We live in good ol’ NorCal. We’re about an hour north of Sacramento and we totally love it. We’re in the perfect spot and are just a couple of hours from anything and everything, ranging from mountains with snow, or the beach with some sun (though, don’t be fooled—it’s a chilly beach!) It gets super-hot in the summer and never snows in the winter. (Well, not quite never, but very rarely and only a flurry.) We live in a small agricultural town where farmers grow walnuts and almonds—mostly walnuts, though. And we’re not the farmers, we just have a little slice of property between a couple of orchards. It’s pretty great.

We recently started a new project and bought a total fixer. And when we say fixer, we mean very little had been updated since it was built in 1977. We're sure you can picture it now: yellow linoleum in the kitchen, glitter-swirled counter tops in the bathrooms, green shag carpet in the living room (we even found some orange shag carpet under a bookcase!) and the greatest plum-colored tile in the entry. While some of these features were vintage-ly amazing, we had to breathe a bit of new life into the home. It was sad to see some of these fun features go, but there wasn’t really a feasible way to make them work. Needless to say, we gutted the whole thing. We’re actually still in the middle of this awesome renovation and hope to have it wrapped up by the end of the year. In the meantime, we’re staying just around the river bend where it’s close enough, but far enough away to separate ourselves from the seemingly never-ending project.


We pretty much do what everybody else does. We wake up, go to work, come home to eat, sleep, and then repeat. Ha! But in all actuality, we like to think we’re more fun than that. We have great jobs that keep us on our toes and keep us learning and growing. Kevin is a Facilities Engineer at an adhesives company (or as Natalie likes to say, a "glue factory”) and Natalie is a Risk & Assurance Analyst at a local credit union. When we’re not at work (or driving to or from work) we’re working on our renovation or hunting for the next best show to binge watch at night or on the weekend.


You know, it’s kind of hard to explain. We never really pictured ourselves adopting until we did. Just like many who adopt, we found out we weren’t able to have kids on our own. While it could have been a sad experience, it was actually pretty neat because it has led us here—where we are so thrilled to be growing our family with your help. We are so blessed to have great friends and family who have helped and supported us, and are still helping us by sharing our story. We look forward to growing our immediate family with a little one, but also realize we’re expanding a little one’s family to not only include you, but us as well.


We are Christians, and in case you couldn’t tell by our quick engagement, we’re members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We have a strong belief that God loves everyone and has a plan for each of us. Sometimes that plan isn’t what we expect, but it turns out to be the best plan for us. Family is the most important thing to us, and we believe in being together forever.


Well, one thing we want to point out is that we’re not parents yet, so we won’t have all the right answers! But, one of the big reasons we are so thrilled to have a home in the country is so we can raise our kids in a slower-paced setting. Of course there are all the normal things and opportunities for kids, like sports, school, friends, and church, but we hope a country setting helps provide us an opportunity to teach kids about hard work, dedication, and seeing the reward after putting in the effort. And we guess we feel this way for kids, because we feel the same for ourselves.